• GT08
    Anti-eccentric wear, a new generation of contour design, better tread grounding marks, and better anti-eccentric wear performance;
  • GT07
  • GT398+
    Excellent tread groove design and special tread formula design, with good driving performance and excellent tear resistance, chipping and chipping performance, can meet the use of good road and mixed road conditions
  • GT887
    Product use: It is applicable to the tug position and the full wheel position of truck for long-distance transportation of standard load vehicles on expressways and good road surfaces
  • B912 E-3
    The thick pattern block is connected by reinforcing rib, which makes the tire have good cutting resistance and puncture resistance
  • YB913 E-3
    The self-cleaning block pattern design provides excellent traction and handling performance
  • YB916 E-4
    The enhanced design of the pattern block in the crown improves the puncture resistance of the tire, and the self-cleaning and heat dissipation design of the shoulder pattern improves the handling performance, which is applicable to copper ore, iron ore an